About Dr. Karen Danko


I have been interested in health and healing for many years and recognized the importance of physical activity while in high school. This inspired me to major in Health, Physical Education and Recreation at West Virginia Wesleyan College. I went on to grad school and have a masters degree in Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology from Indiana State University.

I wanted a more hands on approach to health and healing so I became a Licensed Massage Therapist and worked in a Wholistic Osteopathic clinic in Columbus, Ohio where I also learned Nutrition and Energy Healing.

It was at this time I had several intense spiritual experiences that awakened an awareness that I was more than my physical body. I studied and experienced many different spiritual philosophies, clearing and awakening methods. I was then encouraged by the Osteopath I worked with to go on and become a doctor. I graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a doctorate in Chiropractic. I also studied with a Traditional Osteopath in Minneapolis learning Visceral Manipulation and cranial work. I practiced for many years in Maine and Minnesota and am now doing Core Synchronism which combines Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Polarity into one system here in Boulder.

I’ve also learned and practiced various forms of Sound Healing – Gongs, Bowls and Tuning Forks.

I received National Certification in Acupuncture from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. My focus is Engaging Vitality, Japanese Acupuncture and Non-Somatic Extraordinary Vessels.

To me doing healing work is an ongoing process and I will always be receiving and learning new ideas and methods. I like to go beyond symptoms but I don’t ignore them completely. They have important messages for us. I’m mainly interested in the evolution of consciousness physically, emotionally + mentally and spiritually, all done through the body. I do no counseling.

The healing techniques I’m doing now I probably won’t be doing a year from now or will look very different. Just like healing is a process so is doing healing work for others.

I enjoy  running, biking, hiking, kayaking, camping, snowshoeing, XC skiing, photography and being in Nature. I also love doing sculpture, painting, fiber arts, anthropology, mythology, exploring, international traveling, meditating in primordial forests, outdoor skills, basket making, composing original music and playing with my kitties.

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