*The Acupuncture methods as I use them aren’t for symptom care or pain relief, but are a good way to move thru Qi blocks and keep Qi levels at optimum levels.

ENGAGING VITALITY is an Acupuncture method using Osteopathic Qi listening techniques at several areas of the body that guide me to blocked Qi areas. You usually aren’t aware of these blocked areas. The sessions are Qi directed.

We have layers of blocked Qi patterns that have accumulated over time due to unresolved physical, emotional and mental stress/trauma. This decreases the body’s self healing mechanism. By uncovering these layers and activating the Innate Intellegence of the body the blocks to Qi flow are released which increases the body’s self healing abilities and Qi circulation.

For these sessions I use needles only (very small diameter) because they create a greater response of the self healing mechanism.

I use Engaging Vitality by itself as a Qi Tune up and also with NSEV – see below



Japanese Acupuncture balances the meridians using gentle palpation of the meridians, abdomen and pulses to determine deficient channels.  The needling is non-insertion to tonify the most deficient meridians.



Chinese Medicine has an inner tradition of being used as a tool for spiritual development. Cultivation of consciousness is a vital part of health, meaning and purpose in life.

The Non – Somatic Extraordinary Vessels can be part of a spiritual practice. There are 8 of them and they affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They are considered prenatal vessels and affect our basic constitution. They connect us to our authentic self.

The 8 Extraordinary Vessels support us during times of transition and change especially if evolutionary in nature. They become active when there is a dire need to change and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress of evolution. They can become disharmonious and disorganized. It is very important to keep these vessels in harmony and organized to support constitutional and evolutionary change.

The essence, energy and spirit in which we live our lives demonstrate the strength of flow that the Extraordinary Vessels transmit. These vessels are the driving force behind our reason for being here.

The Non – Somatic Extraordinary Vessels are used for personal cultivation, to enhance creativity, deepen meditation and improve relationships with self, others and our planet.

Opening the Non-Somatic extraordinary vessels and/or releasing Qi blocks (whatever is found in the session) harmonizes our natural rhythms and optimizes our innate healing abilities.

I use small diameter needles with shallow insertion.








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