Core Synchronism

Core Synchronism works with every system of the body to synchronize subtle rhythms of bones, brain, organs, the nervous system and the body’s electrical system with movement of the Cerebral Spinal Fluid and breath.

Cerebral Spinal Fluid carries the Life Force which circulates throughout the entire body, similar to ocean tides. The body’s physical structure when healthy and aligned accommodates this flow. When not aligned, pain, signs and symptoms can occur. This misalignment can be caused by trauma – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Through very gentle touch, the bones, organs and fluid movements are assessed and the body’s wisdom guides you to release the trauma gently back to the healthy flow and function.

The human skeletal system can be compared to the gears of an intricate clock. If one gear is out of place, the entire clock is disrupted.

In the Core Synchronism model the human organism is composed of the physical, emotional and mental bodies and is animated by the Core Current which contains the Blueprint for the enfoldment of our lives and for the function of every cell, atom and molecule of our bodies. When we aren’t aligned with our Core Blueprint we aren’t living optimally. This can cause pain and discomfort on all levels of our being.

Core Synchronism doesn’t treat any condition, symptom or pain. It is non-diagnostic and non-therapeutic. It is designed to restore harmony to the organism. This establishes balance and activates our self healing abilities through our life energy, the Core Current. I help you heal yourself.

Core Synchronism practitioners are responsible for establishing body motions/rhythms and synchronize body relationships which results in deep relaxation, where healing takes place.

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